Dundas Little league

2019 Evaluations

Mark the Date


The Dundas Little League is pleased to announce that we have again partnered with Batter Zone to provide a location for our annual Evaluations.


The Evaluations help us to draft the teams so that no one has an unfair competitive advantage over another.    Parity in the League is critical to giving our children a more positive experience with their teammates. Please plan on attending.  More information will follow as we get closer to the date.


PLEASE NOTE:  Tee Ball players will be exempt from the need to attend Evaluations.   In the event you believe your Tee Ball aged child should be considered for a higher level, please let us know and plan on attending at Evaluations.       



B a t t e r   Z o n e

100 Ray Street North

Hamilton, ON  L8R 2X9



March 31st, 2019 or April 7th, 2019

8:00 -10:00 am



Glove; Water Bottle (preferably filled with water); Favorite USA Bat; Lucky Helmet; and Aspiring Baseball Star   



The Evaluations are very important in helping us create an evenly balanced league.  Parity promotes a more enjoyable experience for the children, parents, and coaches.




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